Friday, 9 January 2015

.Short-sleeved Skippy.

Truth be told, I'm still trying to get into the sewing always takes awhile to find the time during the Summer school holidays, but playing at the beach, working in the yard and hanging out with the kids have taken priority lately. And I like it that way.
I was cleaning out some folders on my computer last week though and found a few items of clothing that I have sewn and never blogged about - kinda helpful to keep the blog rolling along!
This is a Skippy dress I made awhile ago - I think this may be the first short-sleeved version I have shared on the blog?
I choose to go a solid chocolate brown for this one. A little more subtle than the loud prints I am usually drawn to. And it gets a good workout. As fun as it is to sew with bold prints, these plain basics are always the ones that are easy to pull out of the wardrobe without much thought in the morning.
I really love the gathered cap sleeve option on the Skippy dress. This sleeve is gathered both at the top and the bottom of the sleeve, creating a full and even puff. The edge of the sleeve is finished off with a thin band.
I'm determined to break my sewing fast today...whip up a few "needed" items then start work on a new pattern because it's been awhile!

Make It Perfect, Skippy sewing pattern
Robert Kaufman, Laguna jersey in chocolate  


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