Tuesday, 13 January 2015

.Festival Skirt in One Thimble.

I just realised that I have a new pattern which hasn't been officially shared on the blog - shocking! This pattern was released with One Thimble magazine (an Aussie-run PDF e-zine), just as we moved house and then we were without internet with over a month so I didn't had a chance to give it time to shine until now!

If you are new to sewing or just looking for a project which you can quickly sew for yourself or as a gift for friends, then look no further than the Festival Skirt.
Refresh your wardrobe with a Festival Skirt. A timeless style you'll be finding an excuse to wear often. The super comfy and versatile (yet stylish) elastic waistband is a relaxed alternative to fixed waistbands, zippers and buttons. 
The Festival Skirt is an effortless wear with side pockets for a casual feel and a chic puffed skirt. Simply grab your favourite fabric and you'll have one sewn in no time! 
Sometimes you just need a quick, simple sew - right? This skirt is just that, but still oozes with style and funk! The Festival Skirt is great for Summer, easy to pull over your swimsuit at the beach or pool and keeps you nice and cool.
The Festival Skirt is designed to have a "puffy" finished look, because of the elastic waistband, the fit is quite forgiving so if you want a less puffy look to the skirt then just size down a bit or use a lighter fabric with a softer drape - such as double gauze, voile, lawn, silk or rayon. I have made a few of these skirts made from quilting cotton too and they result in a much more full skirt, but still just as great looking!
The Festival Skirt pattern has been released in edition 5 of One Thimble's PDF e-zine. You can purchase the whole magazine here, or if you just want the Festival Skirt pattern on it's own it is avaliable here.
{And thanks to my little sister, Filipa, for modelling this skirt for me whilst feeling rotten with early pregnancy morning sickness...she's a gem, that one!}
Make It Perfect, Festival Skirt pattern
Kokka cotton lawn, Jubilee Printed Matter, Mosaic C purchased from Miss Matatabi.


Hootnz said...

Sounds like just the type of skirts for me.....I'm quite enjoying casual shorts and skirts these days! Thanks for the link the magazine too!

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