Friday, 16 January 2015

.Spring Tops.

I'm almost to the end of my un-blogged sewing projects. Like these three tops. The change of season always brings around "wardrobe crisis" - usually in the category of tops. Last year's are tired, worn out or I just need something fresh and new - you get it, right?! Plus ALL of my knit tops end up with a couple of little holes right in the front, a few inches above the hem. I have no idea why, but more often than not I am getting rid of tops because of these little pesky holes! Does that happen to you? So frustrating!
So, for this top I used my Skippy dress pattern, but didn't add the skirt to the bottom. I love this style - it has a lovely relaxed fit, the half-sleeves are always a win and the kangaroo pocket in the front and gathered sleeve caps help set it apart from a regular tshirt.
After these photographs were taken and after I had worn the top a few times, I ended up taking off the hem band and shortening the length a bit to make it more snug around my hips. It has a much nicer fit now. This fabric was purchased from Ixat (no longer avaliable) and I originally bought it as a "boy-friendly" print with intentions to use it for one of the boys but it was quite lightweight and I thought it would suit an adult better than a child so it became mine!
And another one of the same...Skippy dress turned into a top. This fabric is also from Ixat (also out of stock), but much thicker and with a better recovery than the arrow print and you can see how much that effects the way the finished top looks. Knit fabric varies so much, using different fabrics for the same pattern can give it a totally different look.  
All of the trims and bands for this top were made using a really good quality black jersey with great stretch and recovery. The waistband on this one was cut exactly the same size as the one in the arrow top but it much tighter here because of the recovery (how much it "bounces back" when you stretch and let it go) of the fabric. Unless you have someone to guide your sewing decisions, sewing with knits is a real trial-and-error process until you get to know what is going to work, how things will turn out with different fabrics, etc. I loved this fabric uncut, but it is pretty "out there" as a top! I have to be in the right mood to wear it and have actually changed the sleeve bands from the solid black fabric to the triangle print to try and tone down on the contrast so much but I'm not sure that was the best move?!
And the last Spring top make is using a different pattern altogether! This one is the City Girl Top. I bought it during a sale from Pattern Anthology a long time ago and hadn't used any of the patterns yet so thought I needed to at least give one of them a try!
The fabric I used was purchased on clearance from Crafty Mamas, it was really cheap so I thought it would be good for a trial-run before cutting into a more expensive fabric. I think I would like the top more in a solid print, but the fit is really nice - very comfortable to wear as it is nice and loose and flowy, but the cowl neck and pleat in the front are just enough "extra" to give it a more dressy rather than casual look.
So, now we are half-way through Summer (although it doesn't feel like it some days!) and I have Summer wardrobe crisis going on! Need to sew some short-sleeved tops and a swimsuit or two ASAP!


Ange Moore said...

I get those pesky holes in my t-shirts too. I can't work out why! So very annoying.

Stacey said...

Also get those pesky holes! I was wondering if they are from my belt buckle? Or is it because that's the height of my kitchen bench? It drives me nuts though - shirts only lasting half a season!

Bekka Joy said...

Love them! Especially the first fabric!

Erin said...

I get those holes. Soooooo annoying! I think it is where the shirt catches on the top of my pants.

Nathalie B. said...

I get these little holes too ! I think that's because the fabric of the top gets stuck in a zipper, probably a zippy fleece jacket that I like to wear (or maybe the fly of my jeans ?)
Lovely tops btw !

Jantine Urban said...

I think the holes are from the belt buckle! You made some very nice tops! I love the last one!

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