Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Oscar Loves Playschool

So does Mum!! Finally half an hours uninterrupted peace in the morning! He just loves sitting on my lap playing for the first few hours of the day (which I love too) but I get NOTHING done! Then 9:30a rolls around and his full undivided attention is given to Big Ted and Jemima - fantastic.

The morning sickness has kicked in and it sucks! But is no where near as bad as it was with Oscar, so I am grateful for that. I need to eat constantly but deciding what to have is such a challenge - oh, and the super senses return...everything SMELLS! I don't feel like doing anything, cooking, cleaning, being active. Would love to just sit and read a book all day long. Hopefully it won't last too long this time around.

Not much on the agenda today, would love to get some scrapbooking done or something like that. We'll see what happens...


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