Tuesday, 26 December 2006

We love you Christmas - come again quickly!!

Don't you think Christmas just happens too quickly? We had a lovely family day at Mum and Dad's house. Stayed the night on Christmas Eve - had a shocker with Oscar who wouldn't sleep in the cot so ended up with me on a single bed matress on the floor - he wriggled around all night long! We were greeted with pancakes and bircher muesli in the morning followed by a lazy day filled with loads of eating and opening presents, playing cricket, napping and playing with our lovely gifts.

Oscar was an absolute delight when it came to opening presents - he was so excited and would rip the paper off his presents saying "wow, wow, WOW" over and over again! Then he would hand someone the present and say "ta" so that they could take it out of the packaging for him to play with. It was so very cute, he is such an angel!

These next photos are so funny, Mum got him a cool little Quicksilver jacket and he was trying to put it on for ages!

Gramma opening her gifts...

Ty - always a bit of a punk doing things his own way! Our last Christmas with him for 2 years - he leaves for his mission to Fiji in less than 2 weeks!!

Jaron's prized possession A&W Rootbeer - he had no idea and was soooo happy! Lucky no one down here likes it so all 24 cans are HIS!

Aunty Fil with her new bag for all of her planned travels for 2007...

Cade - sorry Cade I didn't take any decent shots of you! Lots of fun gifts - cricket set, trip to QLD, shoes...

And it was all a bit too much for Poppy Tom by the time the presents were opened!

I always seem to be the photo taker and not in the photos - this is my new ipod shuffle - THANKS WINSTON! Now I will be the coolest Mum in Deloraine walking the streets with my tunes!

Oh...and on a final note...just walked into my bedroom...Oscar's new hobby - why do I bother folding and stacking my clothes in neat little piles when he LOVES to destroy it every day! Good one buddy!


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