Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Soooo much to catch up on! I feel like I haven't been home for ages! We spent a few days at Mum and Dad's hosue after christmas playing at the beach and having fun in the sun then it was off to Melbourne for a week of fun and excitement!

It was lovely to spend time with Grandie and Nanna and the aunties and uncles and we were lucky enough to have some time with Lewin and Gemmah and their kids aswell. As always we did WAY too much shopping, went to the movies (Night at the Museum), played at the beach and spent a very hot day at the Melbourne Zoo.

Unfortunately the night before we were due to fly from Launceston to Melbourne Oscar came down with some kind of gastro and was throwing up all night long - it was horrible, I don't think I will be able to eat yoghurt and cheese for a long time! Oscar was miserable and grumpy and we had no sleep and HEAPS of washing to do! We were sitting on the plane, almost in Melbourne and he put his arms out to me so I held him on my lap, facing me and he looked up and threw up all over me - it was huge and smelly and went all over my clothes and down my top and all over him! Lucky I was prepared with a change of clothes for Oscar and a new top for me and we could get changed. Poor little boy. He got over it after a day or two but managed to pass it onto just about everyone else in the Coward household so there were a lot of sick people to deal with over the course of our holiday - sorry guys for bringing in the dreaded Tasmanian bug!!

These photos are of everyone at the beach in Edithvale - some very funky beach houses and beautiful sunset in the background, perfect opportunity for some snaps!

A couple of shots from the zoo - it was sooo hot, we hardly took any photos...


Carli said...

Thanks for putting the pictures up. I wonder if I am still your first COMMENT. Have a good day - sorry I got crabby with you the other day :(

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