Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Preach My Gospel

Elder Triffitt

Monday morning (8th Jan) saw us saying goodbye to our brother Ty as he left on his mission to Fiji. We had a busy family weekend with everyone staying at Mum and Dad's house spending our last few days with Ty. We are all SO excited for him, he will spend the next few weeks at the Provo MTC learning the missionary ropes and preparing himself to enter the Fiji Suva Mission. He also has to learn how to speak Fijian. We are all so proud of him, he is so ready to be a missionary after a few months of waiting at home before he finally was able to leave.

Trying to get some decent family photos...

Ty imagining Fiji...

At the airport...ok, so no one looks good at 6am! Ty was so excited to be leaving, he couldn't get onto the plane quick enough. Later on, during his travels, he called Mum to let her know he was okay and told her that he felt bad that he didn't cry when he was saying goodbye to everyone, he was just so excited to go!

Mum and Dad with Oscar and Maya at the beach on the weekend...


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