Tuesday, 23 January 2007


Yep...thats me! I have been so slack with everything lately - taking photos, updating my blog, reading my scriptures, cleaning the house...its time to get back on top of things! I had a nice productive day today though, did LOTS of sewing (which made me feel happy). Oscar had 2 2 hour naps (which made me feel VERY happy). And then tonight I have been cleaning like mad, vacuuming, washing floors, baking cookies. I will sleep well tonight!

I have put an end to my Tupperware career. It was actually very rewarding and prosperous while it lasted, but I have done my dash. Almost a whole year of selling it and my cupboards are overflowing! I will miss the extra money to use on my hobbies, and treating ourselves to going our to lunch and the movies, but I'm ready to have a rest before baby number 2. I just want to spend the next few months organising the house and doing all of those little things that I know I won't have the time or energy to do for 6 months after the baby is born! Have an appointment booked for 2nd March for a scan.

I got a new calling at church. After 4 years of loving serving in primary, I am now a counsellor int Young Womens. I am so excited and can't wait to hang out with the girls and relive my days in Young Womens...my only problem will be trying to remember that I am a leader not one of the girls!

Oscar is learning how to throw little tantrums - they are quite cute at the moment. He is saying heaps of new words. Said "shoes" today, he copies everything we do and loves to be outside.

We have had an email and a letter from Ty. He is doing well. Finding a few things difficult to adjust to in his new mission life, but he seems happy. Hates the American food in the MTC. The only thing he said that he likes are the bananas and the cookies!

Alright, think I have to go and deal with a stinky nappy and then make some icing to put in the middle of my cookies and try and get Oscar to bed. Jaron is out at meetings tonight. Hopefully he will be home soon and he can do the bed part!


The Parsons said...

YW hey!!! I got called into the dreaded Bishops office last Sunday! YW President. I cried for a while but I think Im ok with it! He he!!!

The Parsons said...

I got called into the dreaded Bishops office last Sunday.... YW President!!! i cried for a little while but I think Im used to the idea now. I was the YW President in Griffith for two years and thought my YW days were over!!!!! Little did I know! So tell me some cool Mutual ideas that you do okay!! We have lots of inactives.

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