Saturday, 27 October 2007

.Fish Frenzy.

Jaron starts work in Burnie in 2 weeks so today we decided to go there for a drive and check it out. We hardly ever go to Burnie, we always tend to go towards Launceston for shopping and haven't really had any reason to go to Burnie so we had a bit of exploring to do.
Its quite an ugly city - lots of industrial areas and smoke, but is right on the water which is always beautiful. We had lunch at a new restaurant called "Fish Frenzy" which is attached to the Surf Lifesaving Club. Pretty cool building - I love the curve in the sloped roof.
Food was yum, Oscar loved his chippies and discovered a liking for lemons too!
I had a marinated octopus salad - I love octopus, especially in salads. I love how chewy it is, but if I think about what I am eating it kind of makes me feel sick! Especially when the little sucker things on the tentacles come off and I can feel them in my mouth!
It rained all day, Oscar played at the park while we were waiting for our lunch and got so wet, but he was having too much fun to care! We had plans to walk around but didn't want to get out in the rain so drove the streets and then headed home again. So now Jaron just has to finish uni and then he will start work. In the meantime I am house-hunting and hoping that something decent turns up soon. There is nothing about at the moment, we are looking to move to Ulverstone and want to do it in the few days Jaron has off after uni ends and before work starts, but would rather wait for a house we are going to be comfortable to live in becomes available rather than move into something that we don't like.


The Parsons Family said...

ohh wow Toni, A big move. At one point Dave saw a job in Burnie too but twas not meant to me. We did have a good look on the internet for houses.... good luck....

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni,
Wow your moving too! Fun huh? Keep an eye out for Janny and David Say, Janny is Chads aunt. She and David are soooo great and I think they may be some where in your new area!
Be sure to hold out for a place you like! We held our nerve and got a nice one in north Canberra.
xo Holly

The Kings said...

What!? Jaron has a job AND you are hoping to move to Ulverstone!? Where have I been!? That is great. Nicki will love having more young marrieds up that way - Devonport ward is full of them now!

Anonymous said...

I heard one of our Uncles once say Ulerstone is Gorgeous one day, perfect the next. Don't quite believe him, but i'm sure you guys will like it. It's good Jaron has a job already.


Sarah said...

Good luck with the house hunting Toni!

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