Saturday, 13 October 2007

A little friend and a picnic blanket...

Yesterday we were happy to have some unexpected visitors pop in. Our friends Linda and Zoe turned up for playgroup to find out that it wasn't on this week so they came for a visit to our house instead. It was great to catch up with them and for Oscar and Zoe to have a play together. We were going to have a boring day as Jaron had left for work in the morning with the pram and the baby bjorn in the car and we were stuck at home so it was nice to have them turn up for a play.
I kind of lied last post when I said that I hadn't made anything in ages...but this doesn't count because it is dodgy! I had a few bits and pieces lying around and thought I could make a picnic blanket with them...the fabric I have had for ages and the "wadding" inside the blanket is 2 old pieces of polar fleece that we used to use for extra blankets on the bed. It's okay I guess...usually when I make things I try and do a good job on them, but sometimes the words that pop into my mind as I am sewing are "rough and ready". This blanket is definitely a rough and ready piece - the kind of thing I would be really embarrassed to let another quilter see! I figure its just going to get put down on dirty areas and have food spilled over it so it doesn't matter! I am pretty happy with my idea of putting polar fleece has made it really thick and cushiony and can even be turned into a blanket to snuggle under if we are ever outside and the weather turns on us!
It was nice and sunny and kind of warm for a few hours yesterday after lunch so the kids and I went outside to try it out and get a bit of vitamin D!!!


The Kings said...

You make me sick Tone!!! :o) If that is 'rough and ready' then I would hate for you to see anything that I would ever attempt to make. I haven't sewn a thing in my life - actually - I lie - a pair of boxer shorts when I was 18 and they were scary!! The picnic blanket looks beautiful.

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