Friday, 11 January 2008

.keep your mind wide open.

ooohhh...I REALLY wanted to go to bed early tonight - by 10pm at least, my usual bed time lately is around 11pm, I love it because there is sooo much I want to do while the kids are asleep and the house is clean, but I really need more sleep!
So, this is keeping me up tonight...have just finished watching The Bridge to Terabithia and HAD to write about it before I go to bed!
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant movie! I know I am a bit behind on the movie scene as we never go to the movies anymore (actually, I tell a small lie...we did go a few weeks ago and saw Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, that was brilliant too - I could go on about that but wouldn't get to bed forever...) anyway, this was one sweet movie. Right up my alley...I'm not into waste of time movies - killing, coarse language, violence - I like movies that make me feel good, that I can think about for a long time after and that I want to tell everyone about.
So, anyway, I wish I had read the book before I watched the movie, but I hadn't...I am very looking forward to getting my hands on a copy now so that I can learn and feel even more about these special kids.
Leslie and Jess are from completely different worlds and seem to have nothing in common...until they discover a magical world together and solve all of their problems. I love anything that promotes children (and adults) using their imagination and really believing they can go to a far away place and imagine ANYTHING they want to.
The author of the book, Katherine Paterson wrote the book to help her 8 year old son deal with aa difficult situation that she didn't know how to explain or make better, the only way she knew to help him was to write a story to help him with his feelings. How sweet is that? A mother writing a story to help her son that ends up helping thousands of people...brilliant!
So...if you haven't seen the movie, hire it tomorrow for a Saturday night movie at home and let me know what you think.
P.S. How come blog posts get so lengthy late at night?


Anonymous said...

tone!! i love this movie soo much, its one of my favourites!! i knew it would be one you like :)
whit xo

Marnie Watson said...

Well Saturday night is family movie night at our house, so we took your advice and hired this movie tonight. IT WAS SAD!!! I wasnt expecting THAT to happen and it made me cry! ( Im trying to stay away from crying at the moment, been doing way too much as it is without watching sad movies!) But apart from that it was really good and I agree with everything you wrote about it. Made me remember when I was a kid. We had a river and a forest and paddocks and used to play games like that...oh to be a kid again

Cas and Jared said...

Jared and I saw it together and I thought it was lovely, I just wish it had gone longer... As it was quite short!
I cried in it also.. I didn't think she would die!
Cas xo

Rebecca said...

Hi Toni - i read the book as a child and loved it - I have a copy atr home if you want to borrow it. I haven't seen the movie yet - but it seems quite a bit different to the book. Your right Marnie it is really sad hey!

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