Tuesday, 4 March 2008


We have a sneaky two year old living in our house. It seems that Oscar has taken a liking to Lil's dummys. He has been dummy-less since the big chop in October, but as they say, it takes a long time to loose a habit!!

Whenever Oscar is sucking Lil's dummy, I ask him "whose dummy is that?" to which he will reply "its Oscars!", then when I ask him again he sheepishly says "its Willsys" as he hands it over. Of late, it is quite common to walk into the loungeroom and hear a sucking sound coming from behind the couch, only to find Osc hiding away behind there! I usually have around 4 dummies that Lil rotates through and I was constantly losing them...well today Oscar reveals that he has secret hiding spots for "his" dummies around the house! Aahh...what to do? It could be worse and keeps him quiet I guess!


Sarah said...

Too cute! Glen used to leave dummies hidden all over the house (shhh, don't tell him I told you!). Mum would quietly get rid of each of them as she came across them until they were all gone. I guess a bit hard for you to do when he can just rebuild his secret stash from Lil! I can just picture Oscar hidden behind the couch trying to secretly get his dummy fix:)

Marnie said...

Oh he is so cute- and funny! Isnt he clever having secret hiding spots for them!

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