Tuesday, 4 March 2008

.scarce blog.

My blog feels boring...but I don't really have much to post. I have been slack with photo taking and we seem to have just been doing the same old usual stuff around here. I have found some very cool internet stuff though...so here's a bit of a share::

So cool...this lady Allie will make your handwriting into a font for $5! She has a cute blog too, and lots of funky cool handwriting fonts to download for free. I think she is a member of my church too.
I really like this cool train doona cover.One day, when we have a house of our own, I would love to paint a mural like this on the kids bedroom wall. When we were growing up we had a HUGE whole wall size print of Bambi. It was very cool, I think it must have been a wallpaper mural. Did you know that you can buy a stainless steel bar of soap to rub on your hands after you have finished cutting up onions, garlic or anything else that makes your hands smelly and the smell will instantly disappear? Well, I don't have a bar of soap, but rub my hands on the sink or tap when I have finished and it works exactly the same way...try it, its awesome!
I really, really, really love cherry tomatoes at the moment...can't get enough of them. They are like lollies. (photo from here.)
Lil says "da-da" in the sweetest little girly voice...and eats one whole weetbix for breakfast every morning!
I've got two sleeping babies, so I'm off to do some fun stuff now!!!


Carli said...

It is not boring, tell about your exciting chat with Selena...

Marnie said...

I love the wall mural too- is it from Enfant Terrible? I love their store. I saw that mural a few weeks ago and have drawn it on one of those massive canvases from Chickenfeed, just gotta get around to painting it. Was gonna use scrapbook pages for leaves. I know its not as cool as a whole wall mural, but its the best I can do while I am renting.

The Docking Family said...

Go Lil!! What a good little eater.
The stainless steel bar of soap is cool!! I have never heard of it!

Sayers Family said...

I don't think your blog could ever be boring :)

The Parsons Family said...

your blog aint boring dahling! I have always wanted one of those stainless steel soap thingies! I made my handwriting into a font.... fiddly stuff and never got it quite right but its cool! You can download free programs to do it. off to bed!

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