Monday, 7 April 2008

.more cool things to do with socks.

Ha! I'm excited. I'm always up for a bargain and today I got one!

Last week I was browsing a baby boutique (for that is mostly all I can afford to do in a baby boutique!!) and came across these very funky little things. Cute, cute, cute! I was trying to decide which ones to buy for Lil, but at $18 a pair and sooo many colours and designs to choose from I couldn't make up my mind and decided to go back another day when I had assessed her wardrobe and worked out what colour/pattern would go with most things.

Today I was hopping around in blogland and came across a tutorial to make your own! You know thats the kind of girl I am...why buy it when I can make it!! So I grabbed a hardly worn pair of socks from my drawer and whipped up a pair for Lil. Now, I'm not using the phrase "whipped up" to sound boastful here...they are seriously an easy to whip up kind of little project. Like it took me about 10 minutes tops. (seems that I have a thing for making stuff out of a pair of socks!)

So now she is sporting one very cute pair of baby leg warmers (which apparently, after doing a bit of googling, I found out are quite common!) and we are all set for keeping our eyes opened for cool socks to make many more pairs, for, at a few dollars a pair we can surely afford more than one!

According to many leg warmer wearers online, the wonderful thing about these are:
**They are a great fashion statement! Great to wear under a dress, skirt or bodysuit.
**Make nappy changing a breeze.
**Extra warmth for winter, wear them under pants or over tights.
**Good for extra protection on crawling knees.
**Can be worn on your arms to turn a short sleeved shirt into a long sleeved shirt.
**They fit a newborn to an adult.

And of course some photos of Lil trying them out...
Then I thought I'd better check to see if they really do fit an adult...I think I like them on my arm under a t-shirt...would need to buy knee-highs to cover my arm, cute though!
P.S. Did you know that it is so very extremely hard to take a photo of your own arm?! A gazillion photos later and the best shots are still lame!


The Parsons Family said...

cooooool! My friend who I worked with in NY had a sister who made them on etsy and sold them. Get going with it Tone!!!! They look cute.

Carli said...

Very very practical leg warmers.

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