Saturday, 21 June 2008

.The 110th Birthday Bash.

This year Mum and Dad turn 110. Dad was 60 last month and Mum is 50 next month. It is not every year that we get to celebrate such a momentous occasion, so this year we decided to have a bit of a bash and get some friends together to wish them well. We went out for dinner to Villarett Gardens and had a nice relaxing night hanging out with friends and family.

Carli and Michaela came down for the night so it was fun to spend a bit of time with them too. I think Oscar was a bit sad that his bigger play-mates, Mason and Maya weren't able to come too!

Of course, no party is complete without Dad performing a few numbers on his guitar...whether the audience wanted it or not! Before the party Dad told Oscar that he was bringing some drums for Oscar to play along on, and as soon as Dad started playing and singing, Oscar remembered Dad;s promise and pulled out the drums and kept the beat. He was really cute and excited until he realised that 70 pairs of eyes were staring at him, cheering him on, and then he went a bit shy and wouldn't look at anyone, but he kept beating his drum the whole time!
(I think Dad may have been a little put off, with Oscar stealing all of his thunder!!)
Look at Lilsy below, having a clap and dance to the music!
I did a terrible job at taking photos of everyone, and the ones I did get weren't very good. I need to get out my camera manual and try and learn how to take decent night time/indoors photos, because mine always turn out bad!
LinkAnd look how much these two little possums are growing up...remember the last few times they were together? Now they are crawling and standing and playing around. Such little cuties!


Marnie said...

Awesome! What a momentous occassion- Looks like everyone had a great time!

The Kings said...

What a cute pic of Oscar.

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