Thursday, 16 April 2009

.going face to face with skippy.

This post was meant to happen yesterday. Along with a big list of things I wanted to get done.

We had huge storms yesterday morning which resulted in us being without electricity from 7am-5pm! What a day! Everything I tried to do turned out to be unsuccessful - it's amazing how much you realise you rely on electricity to do most things until you are without it.

Turns out it was a VERY quiet day. One of our cars is out of action so we have also been home bound for the last two days. I ended up covering the wooden blocks with scrapbook paper. Oscar made and painted a house for his dinosaur toys out of a cardboard box - lined with toilet paper for carpet! Lil had a 3 1/2 hour sleep.

It's all back to normal today. Lots of things to catch up on - and the weather has changed. It is FREEZING now. That icy, cold air has arrived. I wore a long-sleeved top yesterday for the first time in ages.

So...onto the post...

We spent Easter Monday taking the kids to Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mole Creek. I hadn't been there since I was a kid. We did want to take them to Old Mac's Farm so they could see some baby animals, but it ended up being closed for winter so we'll have to save that one for later on. The Wildlife Park was a bit on the pricey side and it seems as though they haven't done anything to it since I was a kid. We would have been really disapointed if they didn't have kangaroos roaming around to be fed. Oscar and Lil were not interested in any of the animals, we were starting to feel really ripped off! They didn't even care about the big, stinky wombat that Jaron got to hold - all they wanted to do was run in circles around some trees!
So when we were walking along and three big kangaroos came bounding towards us I started to freak out. They were huge and big and strong! We were so surprised when the kids walked right up to them and started offering them food out of their little hands! So cute, and they thought it was fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Fun! I love that first pic :)
It sure is icy today isn't it?

Aimee said...

we came home from hobart last night to no power and a leaking freezer...what's happened to the nice weather!
Glad the kids enjoyed the kangaroos.

The Kings said...

Don't you hate it when you plan something fun and it doesn't turn out like you hoped - especially when you paid lots of money for it. Glad the kids loved the kangaroos in the end.

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