Friday, 17 April 2009

.the wood man revisited.

Took some pics this afternoon of the kids playing with the blocks covered from The Wood Man. I vowed to ONLY use scraps of scrapbook paper to cover them with - it took forever. Luckily we had 10 hours of no power for me to do it in!
They were really simple to do, just time consuming. I cut squares from scrapbook paper, glued them on with PVA glue. When that was dried I sanded the edges and gave them a coat of Mod Podge to seal and protect them.
We dropped into the Wood Man again this morning to pick up some letters I ordered last week. I wanted them to be as cheap as possible so we went with 3mm MDF. He could have cut them out of any fancy kind of wood though. He already has a few different alphabets already cut out to buy but most of them are upper-case and I wanted mine to look like the letters that Oscar and Lil are learning to write. I found a font on the computer I liked, printed it out, took it to him and voilla...a few days later we have two complete alphabets to play with! I'm thinking of covering the fronts of the letters in scrapbook paper like I did with the blocks, but not sure when that will happen!


The Kings said...

They look so cool Tone and love the letters!!! Is he cheap? What a find. I'm thinking we could use some letters for YW stuff :D

Hannah Challis said...

Absolutely love the blocks!

Anonymous said...

They look sensational! What a neat idea. I love the letters too....I think I need to come for a drive :)
Yipee about the Otto mags arriving, I usually have a stack on my bedside table as they are so fun to flick through!
We're hoping to get a sewing group started up down here (at the fabric shop) and do sessions on sewing t-shirts, leggings, stretch sewing, kids clothes etc. I'm really looking forward to it....I don't get to meet people too often that are as obsessed with sewing as I've found myself of late :P
Do you have any sewing groups out your way? You're welcome to come to ours when we get going. We're thinking once a fortnight in the evening.

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni, your blocks and letters are beautiful.
Every time I go to the op-shop, I am on the hunt for blocks, as it seems my grandchildren they to play with them the most.
What a good idea covering them.
I think even I could do that.
Does that man supply the scrap-booking shop in Latrobe?
How much does he charge, and does he still make the eggs?
I have seen a really good idea for them for next Easter.
If I start them now, maybe I will have them ready by them. L.O.L.I am on the hunt for Matchbox toys as well.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

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