Monday, 12 October 2009


Jayne gave me this funky dishcloth. It is crocheted and she bought it from here.

Is it not one of the the coolest things you have seen? I'm loving the colours. It sat on the windowsill above my kitchen sink for a couple of days because I couldn't bring myself to use something so nice on dishes! After I had a couple of days of enjoyment I thought I should probably put it to use. It is UNREAL! Seriously, I'm loving it. It is super absorbent and perfect for wiping the benches and the kids dirty hands and faces. I like to do my dishes with a scrubbing brush but this dishcloth is great for all of the wiping that goes on in the kitchen.

I love it so much that I was tempted to go and buy some more, but being the crazy crafter that I am I have decided to try and crochet some myself! I'm not much of a crocheter, have made flowers before but that is it. I reckon if I can master flowers I can whip up a square!

P.S. You may remember when I knitted these dishcloths awhlie back? They were lovely but way too thin and flimsy. I think they are better suited for washing faces rather than dishes. I have ordered some chunkier 100% cotton wool this time and think crocheting will be much, much faster.


Nikki said...

Yes, these are so cool!!! Mum has made HEAPS of them. She was making them for Christmas presents but I kept bugging her and she gave in and made me one early. :)
They are super easy to make (apparently).

Anonymous said...

wow!!! i would never have thought to use one of these or that they even existed!!! sound granny but looks pretty funky to me and sounds like it works a treat - like microfibre cloths or something!!!! i might get one or make one too!!! thanks for sharing!!
liv xx

Nikki Cardigan said...

Knitted dishclothes are great. A fellow blogger converted me and sent me here to buy 10ply cotton. They make great, chucky dishclothes.

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