Saturday, 17 October 2009


Halloween came a little early this year...tonight we were privileged to attend another Spook-tacular Halloween party held at the Webster's house. Jackie and Mark (and Mel and Dean) have pulled off awesome Halloween "Trunk or Treat" parties for the last three years. We love them, it is fun to dress up and catch up with friends and of course the kids love going from car boot, to car boot collecting lollies!
I took the easy option this year of dressing up as a hippie! At the last minute Jaron decided to dress up as "Two Face" from Batman (I think...or is it Superman? I'm not into Super Heroes!) Mum surprised Oscar and Lil costumes earlier in the week - they looked very cute! Tommy doesn't need a costume because he is the cutest baby around!!For once we were blessed with a beautiful night...not too chilly and clear skies.

There were some VERY clever costumes this year. Check out the "Three Blind Mice"
"Where's Wally?"Tinman and ScarecrowMiss Paparazzi herself!Our kids came home with SOOO many lollies...I like that they are still young enough not to realise that most of their lollies mysteriously disappear overnight ;) We loved what Louise did to Levi's boat...and then dressed up the family as pirates! Very cool!After trunk or treating, a sausage sizzle and some games, the night was topped off with a fun hayride through the paddocks on the back of Uncle Kim's truck. Lil loved it so much that she threw a tantrum when it was time for it to finish so she ended up taking another ride!
It was such a fun night...a bad thing happened on the way home though.

We were driving along the highway and drove over a crest in the road, right in front of the car appeared a wombat bigger than any wombat I have ever seen - it was HUGE. It appeared so quickly and there was a car coming in the opposite direction so we couldn't swerve and drove straight over it. It was the hardest, loudest hit and Jaron and I both knew that it wasn't good so we pulled into a rest stop to check out the damage. The bottom part of the front of our car (pretty technical term!) is all broken and was dragging on the road and one of the fog lights had fallen out. Lucky we had some fake spiderweb in the boot that Jaron used to tie everything back together to get us home!! The car still drives and everyone is safe, we'll just have to take it to the smash repairs this week and cross our fingers that it isn't going to cost too much to fix! Life goes on :)


:: fiona harding :: said...

Oh dear!!!
What happened to the wombat???
Loved your story & photos Toni.

The Kings said...

Oh no - that sucks about the car!!! I'm cracking up about tying it up with spiderweb! It was a great night hey - perfect weather. I'm going to steal that pic of myself for my blog - thanks :)

Makayla said...

Oh no about the car!! Same thing happened to me the other night with a possum, scared me soo bad! I was laughing at the spiderwebs! Good thinking. Im also stealing the photo of me (and morgan) =)

The Parsons Family said...

party - awesome... was that at your old house??? And the car and wombat - ouch! not good.

melandpeter said...

Sorry Toni, but I'm more concerned about the cute fat wombat than your car!!
Glad you guys are all safe though

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