Sunday, 1 November 2009

.House Update #1.

The house is moving it is from the road. Frame is all up! It was so cool when we could actually go and walk through the rooms in the house. Finally it feel real. I can see the spaces and how everything is going to work out rather than try and visualise what it is going to be like from looking at the plans. Here are the kids hanging out...Oscar is sitting in a window and Lil is cruising around in the studio! I love that word..."studio"...really the room is a toy room/sewing room but studio sounds much more sophisticated!! It is going to be really good actually, it will have double french doors that open from the dining area so that I can be sewing and still be a part of everything that is going on in the rest of the house (although sometimes I would rather shut myself away!!) See how low the fence is to the neighbours house? Why do people build such low fences?! We are going to clad over the top of the fence using some of the materials we are putting on the outside of the house so that we have a bit more privacy!
This week will be fun as we see the roof taking shape.

So...moving onto colours...

I really like neutral houses. They always look clean, fresh and orderly. I admire people who can stick to a neutral colour scheme when decorating.

But I can't do it! It is a bit of a problem really, because I fall in love with EVERYTHING!!! I like too many colour schemes and want to use all of my favourite fabrics when decorating which usually equals an overload of colour. Oh, what to do?! I really thought I would be good at choosing house stuff - colours, tiles, carpet, etc. but I actually suck at it!

I have always loved green and knew that I wanted to incorporate it into the house somehow. You might remember this print I ordered awhile back? Jaron and I both really like the colours and I am going to try (really hard) to decorate using the lime green with a splash of rosy red.

This is what we have decided for the outside of the house...predominantly Colorbond Surfmist and Colorbond Woodland Grey. Then we are going to have a few accents of Nikau Palm and top it all of with the front door in Scarlet Ribbons. I am really excited about having a red door (it is not really red, more rosy red...scarlet sums it up nicely!). Jaron was at the paint shop this week and was asking a lady working there some questions. When she looked at our colours she goes, "um...are you sure?" Haha! She got me worried for a minute, but I don't care anymore! I have said before that we are on a tight budget and we are trying to create a home that doesn't look like every other new house in the neighbourhood (and there are a lot of new homes around here!). We really want to take a few risks and make sure the house portrays us and what we like. And its just paint...if we end up hating it we will just paint over!
Inside wall and floor colours are going to be fairly neutral - that way we can do anything with the decorating. The walls will be Grand Piano (half strength) with Antique White U.S.A skirting and trims. Then we will throw in a bit of Baton for a few feature walls. Our carpet is a dark (but not chocolate) brown and we are still trying to decide on tiles.
Tada! That's it unless we change our minds in the meantime!! Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for us (especially you Nettie!!)


Anna said...

How exciting to see your house taking shape. I love the colours.

The Parsons Family said...

ohhh so fun! WE move tomorrow into our house and Im excited to paint my bedroom!!! I can imagine doing a whole house is sooo fun. Love the red door!

Makayla said...

How exciting Tone!!! I remember how exciting it is from when we were building ours.. Cool colours!

Nettie's Blog said...

I love what you have chosen...fresh, crisp and clear colours....if you have the overall lighter colour all the way through and use your red and green as accent colours...if you want to change the colour in a year or so will just be a wall you have to paint ...i change the feature walls all the times..he he.But remember i am happy to come and do "mates rates" for you Toni just name a day after Kenneth Cope and i will be down for the day and you can walk me through and we will talk about it know i would love to do that for you.(going to help Chels and look after the grandkids till then)

The Kings said...

The colours are very cool Tone!!! It must be SO exciting seeing it all go up.

Lucky ♥ Holly said...

Love the scarlett door! Dark carpet by the way is the way to go! Ours is dark always think how much I love it as I vac.

Sim-Dim said...

Oh Toni u crack me up - whatever you choose will look just right. You have that natural knack even if you think you 'suck at it'. :) My personal fav is the rosy red door. I can't wait to knock on it!!

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