Friday, 30 April 2010

.Finished Caps.

I finished my production line of About A Boy caps. These are just as addictive as the Lazy Day Hat to make (I'm just warning you...)

These photos were taken before Lil's bike accident. (I wish she healed this quickly!) Her face is lovely and scabby now, although looking a little better every day. Good old Pawpaw Ointment has been doing the trick I think!

Hopefully all of this hat making will encourage the sun, which has started to hide it's cheerful face to stick around for a bit longer :)


Monaluna, Circa 50, Cars in Multi
Valori Wells, Del Hi, Stones in Cinnamon
Heather Bailey, Nicey Jane, Hop Dot in Olive
Alexander Henry, Harlequin


The Bartons said...

sooo cute tones!!! i love them!

Cook Clean Craft said...

I love them - especially the girly ones. Cute caps for girls (and women for that matter) are hard to come by. Another project for my list of things to do!

Tanya said...

fantastic, yes, I too am feeling they are going to be addictive- next one will be with a non directional fabric though!!

marnie said...

They look great! In the pic of Lil in the small coloured squares hat I think she looks like pics of you as a little girl.

Makayla said...

those hats are SO cute!! i love them!!

Clares Place said...

They are great hats! I have left a comment on your earlier post on your lounge/entrance just so you know. Love your work! xx

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