Wednesday, 2 May 2012

.A Poppy Parade - Day 2.

Day two of the Poppy Tunic parade is one that I made for my other sister, Carli.  I wanted to show you the tunic with a cardigan (because I am cardi-obsessed) + boots.  Cute, huh?

We used a different denim for this one - once again from Kelani Fabric, but a little more light-weight that yesterdays.  And darker blue.  I love denim.  It is such a versatile medium - coordinates with any other fabric and gives a lovely base for the tunic.

I don't think I mentioned yesterday that I've added 3" in length to these tunics aswell, so bear that in mind if you are looking at these as a guide for the finished tunic length.  The pattern cover is the true length of the pattern.  Adding length is super easy though, I kept the width of the original hem the same, dropped it down 3" and then drew a new line from the underarm point to the edge of the hem line.  (That way you don't have to change the length you cut your contrasting strip and the tunic doesn't get too much of a triangular shape to it.)
Make It Perfect, Poppy Tunic pattern
Texan Light Weight Denim
Sarah Watts, Feather N Stitch, Nest in Red


Laura H said...

Love it! I'm a big boots and cardi fan so really love the whole outfit! Think I'll add this to my crazy long list of things I want to make. :)

Freja said...

Good looking model :)

Peta said...

Just gorgeous, I have loved them all but I think this is my favourite.

L!$@ said...

Oh I love the colours on this one! So gorgeous :D

Jane said...

Ah, this is my favourite so far too!

Carli said...

I made good choices! Looks better with a brown belt ;)

Chelsea Parsons said...

hot stuff Carli xxx

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