Thursday, 1 August 2013

.Harvey: 2 months.

It's been 2 months since this little guy joined our family! is good. He fits in beautifully.
We are still all smitten by his luscious lips and chubby cheeks. And he continues to grow and change every day.

Harvey has the cutest little frown and looks around with a grumpy face when we are being too loud or invading his space! As much as he loves a cuddle, he also loves having time to kick on the floor without anyone touching him - I think I would too if I was the fourth kid!
He started out being a spewy baby and still is. I've had to make him lots more bibs because he was easily going through the ones he had in just one day! In the last couple of weeks he has started giving us big smiles and cooing and chatting away with us - Lil manages to get the best conversations out of him and he has even started to have a little giggle.
 Sleeping and feeding are still going really well. He generally feeds every 3 hours, but has a good 6-8 hour stretch of sleep during the night which I am REALLY appreciating! I'm not expecting it to last forever, so I'm making the most of it at the moment. 
 We love you Harvey Charles!
(I didn't do a 1 month old blog post...but here are a few pics from his photoshoot:)


Anonymous said...

Too cute too cute to cute!! Can't wait to come visit him!!! xoxoxo Love Emily Dee

The Coull Family said...

He is such a gorgeous baby x

Carli said...

I miss him so much, Harvey Charles you melt my heart.

gail said...

he is adorable, so much personality in that sweet little face! and so fun to see him in all those cute ottobre outfits :)

Carla said...

So cute and beautiful!!!

Iprefervintage said...

You were due the last time I was on Blogger. That one is all boy. What a doll.

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