Friday, 24 October 2014

.Cuff Tops + taking matters into my own hands.

After making Spy Tops for the little girls I had on my to-do list to sew one for myself. By the time I got around to it, the weather wasn't cold enough to commit to a cowl neck so I made a couple without the cowl.

These were fun to sew, super fast and it was a good opportunity to put a few of those printed knits (both from Crafty Mamas) to use. I bought this fabric with intentions to use it for myself, it is a German knit and the quality is unreal. I used a black jersey for the contrast cuffs and like how it frames the print.
This Lillestoff print is a little less "out there" but the tone-on-tone leaf print is enough to give a bit of interest. 

The pattern was drafted using my Skippy dress as a base. I took the top portion and modified it heaps - removed the gathers from the sleeves, brought in the side seams a bit for a more slim-fit, added some length then finished it off with wide cuffs on the hem and sleeves. 

There are lots of top patterns around now, I don't know if anyone would be interested in this one or if you can just draft your own? What do you reckon? If enough people are interested I could write up a pattern for this - and include the cowl neck option and perhaps a couple of other variations? These tops have been on high-rotation in the wardrobe lately, just right for that in-between seasons change.
And for the first time ever I pulled out my tripod and remote and took these photos myself! It took a bit of figuring out, but I found that it was easier to take them inside than outside for some reason. I rigged up a plastic basket on the highchair to focus on before I jumped in front of the camera! Apparently my camera and remote are supposed to have a timer function on them so that I can press the button and then hide it from view before the camera actually snaps the pic but it wasn't working for me so you can see the remote in all of the photos!
Swaffing, Cherry Picking, Love Boat in Blue jersey
Black jersey
Lillestoff, Leafly in mint jersey
Robert Kaufman, Laguna in Emerald jersey


Emily said...

Love the tees!

Rebekah B. said...

LOVE these shirts! I would love a pattern, or a more detailed explanation of how to alter the Skippy.

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